How Fast Can You Get Our Website Up?

Again this depends on several factors such as the size of the website you want to build. Also, we work on a first come, first serve basis. It's possible our designers may have several websites ahead of yours but we can give you a fairly reliable ETA for your website release date. Again, it depends on how much control and changes you want along the way.


Can I Give Input On My Website Design?

Absolutely. In fact, when we get started, we give you a fairly in-depth questionnaire to fill out so that we understand what you desire. Along the way, if you'd like to make small adjustments, our team is pretty flexible on doing so. Any redesigns or major adjustments could come with additional charges.


Can I get an email?

We can provide you with up to three custom domain e-mail accounts for your company or organization. More e-mail accounts are available for a fee. E-mail accounts do count towards your hosting space, but we'll explain that in greater detail if your interested.



How Much Does A Website Cost?

Great question. How much does a house cost? There's no one-size fits all price for houses and the same is true for websites. Before we begin we create a quote for you to look over and approve. That is the amount that you pay and unless you want to make changes later and add to the project, there are no hidden cost at the end. That's just good business.


Do You Charge A Monthly Fee?

No. The building of your website (according to the contract we agree upon up front) is one cost.


What About Domain & Hosting Fees?

Domains are not bought, they're rented. Typically on an annual basis. The price is dependent upon the domain name. These can range from $9.99 a year on up into the thousands depending on the name. Hosting is also a yearly contract. Hosting allows your website to be stored online for people to access it. Hosting prices vary depending on the size of your website. Hosting packages start at around $120 a year.



Do You Tell Me What I Need To Do?

No. Our consultants have worked in various industries, but not every industry. They are not experts at what you do, they're experts on humans approach problems. Our consultants are trained to ask questions and help you think through problems strategically so that you feel confident and capable of making the right decisions.


Do Churches Get A Discount?

We do provide a discounted rate for churches. One of our consultants has 18+ years in ministry leadership and wants to be an asset to the religious community. Therefore, he discounts his services substantially but is limited to the number of churches he can take on at one time.


What If I'm Not Located Near A Consultant?

In today's world, we're no longer bound by geography. We have a video service that we use to do a virtual call for our sessions. We can connect by phone, however we prefer a virtual face-to-face connection if the in-person option is unavailable.



How Much Does Consulting Cost?

We charge a per hour rate but do not post our rates online. If you have a business, organization, or church that would benefit from our services, we recommend setting up an appointment through our Contact Us page for a free consultation.


How Much Does The Business Enhancement Program Cost?

This one is a little more complex because it depends on what stage of infrastructure you are presently at with your clientele. During our initial free consultation we can gather the information that we need in order to give you an accurate price.


Is In-Person More Expensive Than A Virtual Meeting?

No. Our prices are the same for both methods. However, an in-person meeting would be subject to us having one of our consultants within an acceptable distance from you.


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